Easy Tips to Pain-Proof Your Back

You don’t need to have a debilitating condition to suffer from back pain.  Many everyday actions cause most backaches, which explains why 6 out of 10 people will complain of back pain at least once a year.  Avoiding back pain resulting from those everyday actions is easy, quick and efficient.  But, before you dive into those pain-proofing solutions, you want to look over the following checklist to see if perhaps your back pain might indicate a need to see a specialist, and pronto.

Checklist to See When It’s Time to See A Specialist For Your Back Pain

If even 1 of the following statements rings true, see a spine specialist immediately to make sure no underlying problem needs prompt treatment.

* Your legs feel numb or weak when you walk.

* Back pain extends down your legs.

* A backache has dragged on for more than 3 weeks.

* You’ve also developed bladder or bowel problems.

* Your pain began after a recent fall.

* The pain is often worse when you are resting, or it wakes you up at night.

* Ovary pain symptoms

Pain-Proofing Solutions

Wear Back-Friendly Shoes

Shoes without proper arch support can throw off your center of gravity, which forces your lower back muscles to work harder to maintain a healthy posture and increases your risk of fall injuries.  Always make sure to wear footwear with supportive insoles.  Any arch support insert should fit snugly against the natural arch of your foot.  Studies show that this one simple measure provides relief in up to 81% of backache sufferers.

Stand Up

Sitting puts 40% more stress on your spine than standing does!  Only walking while talking on the phone, or getting up to chat with a co-worker instead of texting or emailing, can reduce pressure and pain by as much as 67%, which is incredibly more efficient than even pain relievers.  If you sit for long periods of time, whether at work, school or home, try setting your watch or another timer to go off every hour.  Ideally, you want to take a 5-minute standing break for every hour you sit.

Eat More Alkaline-Rich and Low-Acidic Foods – healthandcaretips

Research proves that back pain can be triggered, or worsened, by too much acidity in the bloodstream.  Why?  Because high acidity causes inflammation, and inflammation causes a whole host of imbalances in the body including the slowing down of healing and pain.  If your diet is high in processed and fast foods, it’s guaranteed that your body is overly acidic.  Always be sure to include lots of alkaline-rich, and low-acid foods in your daily diet, and that means lots of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole, unprocessed grains.

Use an Extra Pillow For Sleeping

No, you won’t be using this extra pillow beneath your head, but rather placing it either underneath your knees if you sleep on your back (large and fluffy), or between your knees if you sleep on your side (thin and small).  This helps to maintain the proper curvature of your lower spine.  By making this simple change in your sleep position, you can take up to 55 pounds of pressure off your back and avoid causing pain or aggravating an already-there ache.

Get Walking

Exercise increases and delivers blood and oxygen flow to the discs in your spine, ensuring they get their adequate supply of nutrients to stay strong, flexible and pain-free, instead of weak, brittle and painful.  Research shows that regular, moderate-paced walking for just 30 minutes 3 times a week, would lower your risk of chronic back pain by 43%.  And, if you’re not a walker, you can get the same benefits from other activities such as yoga, swimming, cycling, and dancing.

A Medication Alternative

If you’re already suffering from chronic back pain, and regularly take either over-the-counter or prescription pain medication, in addition to utilizing these already mentioned pain-proofing solutions listed above, tries swapping your current back pain medication with the herb Devils Claw.  Over a dozen studies show that Devils Claw can relieve back pain as effectively as prescription medications.  In fact, researchers say that taking the suggested dose of 2 grams 4 grams daily soothes the even severe back pain for 3 out of 4 sufferers within 1 month!  Do please check with your prescribing doctor before making any medication or supplement change.

Is there life without back pain?  Yes!  In many cases, it’s just a matter of awareness of what causes most aches and pains in the first places, as well as how to avoid and minimize those causes.